Offenes Plattformkonzept für selbstkonfigurierende Software-Ökosysteme

An open, global network, its main aims are to develop an integrated theoretical foundation for digital ecosystems research and a sustainable and open community of research. This is characterised by a radically interdisciplinary research agenda combined with the emergence of a new paradigm that requires the development of new ways of working across disciplinary boundaries, in particular between social science, computer science, and natural science.
The OPAALS network will support the on-going trend toward the extension of traditional disciplines into new disciplines. We are taking inspiration from the Open Source community process to create the conditions whereby an Open Knowledge community of research can form and grow. Because an open-source community is already forming around projects in the EU’s Digital Ecosystems Cluster, our efforts will start from this common overlap and extend toward the natural, physical and social sciences through ever wider inclusion of academic and industrial partners who wish to collaborate on the research.


Team: T. Heistracher, R. Eder, T. Kurz, C. Ruecker, C. Adelberger
Laufzeit: Juni 2006 - August 2010
Budget: € 604.774,45
Fördergeber: EU FP6-IST
Kooperationspartner: OPAALS-Konsortium:
                                 London School of Economics and Political Science,
                                 T6 Società Cooperativa,
                                 The University of Surrey,
                                 Waterford Institute of Technology,
                                 Tampereen Teknillinen Yliopisto (Tampere University of
                                 TechIDEAS Asesores Tecnologicos,
                                 The University of Dundee,
                                 University of Limerick,
                                 Create-Net (Center for Research and Telecommunication
                                 Universität Kassel,
                                 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur,
                                 Instituto de Pesquisas em Tecnologia da Informaçao,
                                 National University of Rwanda,
                                 University of Central England,
                                 Istituto Tecnologico de Aragon,
                                 University of Zaragoza,
                                 University of Cambridge,
                                 National University of Ireland - Maynooth