Lampoltshammer Thomas J.

Titel/Grad: Dipl.-Ing. (FH), MSc, M.A., Dr.

Funktion: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


Geoinformatik, Softwaretechnik, Natural languageprocessing, Ontologien, Semantic Web, Erwachsenenbildung


Ausgewählte Publikationen:

Lampoltshammer, T.J & Heistracher, T. (2014). Ontology Evaluation with Protégé using OWLET.
Infocommunications Journal, VI(2), 12-17.

Lampoltshammer, T.J., Kounadi, O., Sitko, I., & Hawelka, B. (2014).
Sensing the public's reaction to crime news using the 'Links Correspondence
Method'. Applied Geography, 52, 57-66.

Belgiu, M., Tomljenovic, I., Lampoltshammer, T.J., Blaschke, T., & Höfle, B. (2014). Ontology-based Classification of Building Types Detected from Airborne Laser Scanning Data. Remote Sensing, 6(2), 1347-1366.

Kounadi, O., Lampoltshammer, T. J., Leitner, M., &Heistracher, T. (2013).
Accuracy and privacy aspects in free online reverse geocoding services. Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 40(2), 140-153.

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