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Stefan Huber

Titel/Grad: FH-Prof. DI Dr., MSc.

Funktion: Senior Lecturer

  • Fachbereich für Mechatronik und Robotik
  • Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen, insbesondere für Geometrie und Topologie
  • Verteilte Systeme, insbesondere im Automatisierungskontext
  • Industrielle Mathematik und Machine Learning
  • Microcontroller
  • Numerical programming and industrial algorithms
  • Netzwerkorientierte Softwareentwicklung (Verteilte Systeme)
  • Digitale Signalverarbeitung
Ausgewählte Publikationen:
  • Stefan Huber. Persistent Homology in Data Science. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Data Science Conference (iDSC'20), May 2020.
  • Roland Kwitt, Ulrich Bauer, Stefan Huber, Marc Niethammer, and Weili Lin. Statistical topological data analysis – a kernel perspective. In Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS ’15), Montreal, Canada, December 2015. Curran Associates.
  • Stefan Huber. Computing Straight Skeletons and Motorcycle Graphs: Theory and Practice. Shaker Verlag, April 2012. ISBN 978-3-8440-0938-5.
  • Martin Held and Stefan Huber. Topology-oriented incremental computation of Voronoi diagrams of circular arcs and straight-line segments. Computer Aided Design, 41(5):327–338, May 2009.
  • Therese Biedl, Stefan Huber, and Peter Palfrader. Planar matchings for weighted straight skeletons. International Journal of Computational Geometry and Application, 26(3 & 4):221–229, September & December 2016. published April 2017.
  • Peter Palfrader, Martin Held, and Stefan Huber. On computing straight skeletons by means of kinetic triangulations. In Proceedings of the 20th European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA ’12), pages 766–777, Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 2012.
  • Jan Reininghaus, Stefan Huber, Ulrich Bauer, and Roland Kwitt. A stable multi-scale kernel for topological machine learning. In Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR ’15), pages 4741– 4748, Boston, MA, USA, June 2015.
  • Oswin Aichholzer, Therese Biedl, Thomas Hackl, Martin Held, Stefan Huber, Peter Palfrader, and Birgit Vogtenhuber. Representing directed trees as straight skeletons. In Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on Graph Drawing & Network Visualization (GD ’15), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 335–347, Los Angeles, CA, USA, September 2015. Springer-Verlag.
  • Stefan Huber. The topology of skeletons and offsets. In Proceedings of the 34th European Workshop on Computational Geometry (EuroCG ’18), March 2018.
  • Stefan Huber, Martin Held, Peter Meerwald, and Roland Kwitt. Topology-preserving watermarking of vector graphics. International Journal of Computational Geometry and Application, 24(1):61–86, March 2014.

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fon:  +43 (0)50-2211-1324
fax:  +43 (0)50-2211-1349
email: stefan.huber@fh-salzburg.ac.at

Stefan Huber (Foto: FH Salzburg)