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Peter Haber

Titel/Grad: FH-Ass. Prof. DI(FH) DI

Funktion: Senior Lecturer


Signal Processing, Transmission Technology, Embedded Systems, Parallel Computing, Virtual Project-Management, Collaborative Working and E-Learning

Ausgewählte Publikationen:

Haber, P., Hasanovic, Z., Lampoltshammer, T. J., Mayr, M., Schmuck, T. H., Sendlhofer, S. (2013). Smart e-Ducation – Digital Whiteboard to tablet interaction to enhance active learning for e-learning 2.0. The Joy of Learning – Enhancing Learning Experience, Improving Learning Quality – EDEN Annual Conference. Oslo.

Haber, P., Mayr, M. (2011). Virtual Project Management Guidebook, a Working Tool for international Project Managers. University of Applied Science. Salzburg.

Haber, P., Herber, E., & Mayr, M. (2010). Curriculum Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Project Integrated Online Training. Cases on technology enhanced learning through collaborative opportunities, 342.

Haber, P., Bergholz, G., Hofmann, U., & Miloucheva, I. (2003). Time and rate continuous multiclass fluid simulation model for inter-domain traffic flow simulation. In First international workshop on Inter-domain performance and simulation (IPS), Salzburg.


fon:  +43 (0)50-2211-1308
fax:  +43(0)50-2211-1349
email: peter.haber@fh-salzburg.ac.at

Peter Haber

Peter Haber (Foto: FH Salzburg)